Motor Dealer

Motor Dealer

Motor Dealer refers to the local motorcycle who cooperates with the DP Bank to provide basic information of motorcycle loans to customers to get to know, be interested in, and then decide to use motorcycle loan service of the DP Bank. Join us now as a Motor Dealer you will get additional incomes and enjoy many other benefits as below:

Additional Benefits Upon Becoming Motor Dealer

  • Increase in sale volumes
  • Build your reputation and potential for expanding your existing business
  • Benefit from the Bank’s marketing/advertising

Main Tasks Upon Becoming Motor Dealer

  • Introduce customers to get to know, be interested in using the DP Bank’s motorcycle loan
  • Provide basic information about motorcycle loan services and terms & conditions to customers

Conditions Upon Becoming Motor Dealer

  • Legal person/Adult (Individual or Corporate)
  • Legitimate Business (Certificate of Incorporation or Patent Tax)
  • Executed agreement with the DP Bank
  • Participate training on the products and services of the DP Bank if required

Becoming Partner