Housing Loan

Housing Loan

Providing loans for Construction houses, buying new houses, maintenance, improvement, or reconstruct houses, and other purposes.


Currencies KHR / USD
Loan Size Up to 2 billion Riels or USD 500,000
Loan Tenor Up to 16 years
Interest Rate /Fees (*) Interest rate: From 0.83% per month / Fee: From 0.5%

Collaterals Conditions Documents Required Additional Documents (If any)
- Land/House
- Buildings
- Farming land
- Hard title or
- Soft title deed

- Cambodian/Foreigner
- Age at least 18 years old
- Permanent residence
- Legitimate &reliable sources of incomes
- Cambodian ID card
- Passport
- Family/Resident Book
- Birth certificate
- Patent certificate
- Bank statements
- Employment contract or Salary confirmation / pay slip
- Statements of profit/loss
- Other supported documents

Special Features

  • NO PENALTY for early pay-off
  • FAST service and QUICK approval
  • Soft title deeds are also accepted
  • LOW interest rate & LONGER tenor
  • EASY terms & conditions with QUICK approval

  • FREE of charge consultations
  • FREE of charge for loan repayments via TrueMoney’s agents nationwide

(*) The Bank Reserves the Right to Change Rate/ Fee above without prior notice. (Update on 30th June 2023)