Corporate Social Responsibility

1. What Does Corporate Social Responsibility Mean To Us?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the commitment of a business to consider its impact on society and the environment, and to operate in a responsible way.

At Daun Penh Specialized Bank Plc., we are highly committed on developing our professional competence for our employees; to perform the duties in professional manner and provide customers with our expertise in financial services at an affordable price and the best possible customer experiences.
​​​​​​​We strongly believe in the value of honesty and strong moral principles at any time or any given situation to uphold ourselves to a consistent standard, operating with full transparency and accountability when conducting our business. We are accountable for all our actions towards our customers, shareholders, stakeholders, and communities as a whole. We believe that accountability is the key to success and trustworthiness. We approach CSR as we approach our business in general. We decide which areas to focus on based on input from all our stakeholders - customers, colleagues, suppliers, partners and shareholders.

2. How Do We Contribute To Society?

A bank’s main role in society is to provide financial services to help people and businesses achieve their goals and reach their potential. We believe that our business ethics, other charitable activities, and social cultural & environmental activities play an important role and mainly contributes to our Corporate Social Responsibility which covers economic responsibility, legal responsibility, ethical responsibility, and discretionary responsibility.

A. Our Business Ethics

We have done and are continuing to implement as following:

For Customers

  • Advising them on their financial plan & improving their financial literacy
  • Helping customer in creating financial security & avoiding financial stress
  • Helping customer to manage cash flow & expand their business
  • Lending customer at the right time, right loan size S. right loan tenor
  • Lending with fair and competitive pricing Improving living standards and personal / family quality of life
  • Listening to customer's concern & feedback via customer survey,
  • Developing suitable products for customers

For Employees

  • Building capacity & professional competence
  • Providing equal job opportunity
  • Building healthy working environment
  • Promoting code of business conduct/ professional conduct
  • Raising awareness on conflict of interest
  • Promoting transparency S. culture of compliance > Promoting integrity, simplicity, innovation, accountability & confidentiality as our Core Values

For Communities & Society

  • Enabling job creation via staff recruitment & lending to client for biz expansion
  • Avoiding the lending to illegal/prohibited businesses
  • Paying all applicable taxes responsibly & timely manner,
  • Combating financial crime (AML, fraud and the financing of terrorism)
  • Encourage staff to be volunteer in community activities

B. Our Charity

  • Donating in kind of building construction in hospitals & schools
  • Donating foundation to support hospital
  • Encouraging staff to participate in blood donation
  • Donating national S. international charitable agencies for natural disaster recovery program, environmental development & preservation programs, water resources programs, and disaster recovery programs etc.,
  • Sponsoring health care treatment for the low-income people

C. Our Social Cultural & Environmental Activities

  • Promoting Khmer traditional, cultural and religion activities
  • Donating to meet the need of pagodas / churches
  • Promoting natural and the environmental protection among staff