Mr. Ing Seav Meng

Mr. Ing Seav Meng


Mr. ING Seav Meng has joined the Board of Directors of DP Bank in November 2020.


He is a young business professional and a recent graduate of Oxford Brookes University in the United Kingdom. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. His business experience spans 7 years and 3 countries with companies ranging from small tech startups to successful exits from a medium-sized entity. His main focus in these companies has been strategic planning, operations management, and Human resource management.


Currently, he is serving as Group CEO of a highly successful conglomerate, Daun Penh (Cambodia) Group. The position has allowed him to broaden his business horizons into many industries. On a day-to-day basis, the company operations span the real estate industry, banking, insurance, manufacturing, IT, and education sector to name a few. His value to the company is in bringing outside technical expertise in planning and management to help manage the vast portfolio of companies within the group.


Outside of the group business, Mr. Seav Meng constantly pursues the next tech innovation through his network both domestically and abroad in order to help solve the issues he holds most important. These include companies operating in the elderly care and healthcare sector, mental health, and security services.